2023 Business Travel data and future trends
Alma Travel – specialists in Business Travel, partner of The Advantage Global Network, is pleased to share with you the data collected thanks to our offices present in more than 80 countries around the world.

Key Findings:
1. 2023 ended at 92% booking volumes compared to those seen in 2019.
2. The average transaction value for 2023 was £429.35. This is 5.7% more than in 2022 and 44.8% more than in 2019.
3. 2023 ended with an average advance purchase of 28.6 days. While down from our last report in September (33.1 days), this average remains higher than the 23.4 days recorded in 2019.
4. The year ended with an average trip duration of 6.95 days. While lower than what was observed in the September report (7.9 days), this average remains 51% higher than what was observed in 2019 (4.6 days).
5. Business travelers turn left more (passengers who turn left when entering the plane go to premium classes); Premium class air travel continued to increase in line with the focus on employee health and well-being

We will analyze this data in detail and try to understand trends for the future.
Below you will find the links to download the Italian or English version.
Enjoy the reading.

Versione in Italiano

English version

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