After some difficult years linked to the health emergency, it seems that the situation is returning to normal and that people is starting to travel again in every sector, one of which is Business Travel.

A new beginning should start with a good purpose, especially nowadays. Dued to the fact that we live in a world that cares more about the climate change, to the renewable energy and the quality of people’s lives, the business travel policy assumption should be the personal safety and the environmental protection. In other words, today a Travel Manager must put on the top of his priority the safeguard of nature, the accessibility of mobility services and the well-being of people. But what are the principles on which to base a business travel program for sustainable travel?


Pillars of a Business Travel Program for sustainable trips

The Travel Manager has to do not only with company budget and legal obligations, but even with much more priorities. In fact, we cannot fake that every company, even if they make sustainable choices, have a negative impact on the environment because of their own movements. We don’t mean just company trips by plane or train, but even daily journeys made by the staff to get to work and to back home. The mobility industry is responsible of a huge part of CO2 emission in the world and it’s subject to the criticism of an audience that pay everyday more attention to this subject. Because of this, the company must beware in the Social Responsibility and in the Brand Awareness. The Travel Manager task is to explain to the team the importance of the sustainability and determine with them the mobility strategies necessary to make a change. There are many guidelines for a sustainable travel.



One of them could be the smart working and the videocalls, that we already know very well because of the pandemic. Despite this, meet each other and shake hands seem to be the best way to make agreements and new partnerships. Even with the awareness made online, it’s necessary to move out, to travel. But it is essential to make it sustainable. Responsible choices are the use of green vehicles as the electric cars, the train or the airplane (when it’s possible). It’s important to know even that both of them can use different kind of fuel, less or more polluting. For that, it’s important to rely on a Tour Operator specialized in Business Travel who know the evolution of sustainable technology about the mobility.



In trying to reduce the impact of the companies it is important also the choice of a sustainable place to stay, where the cleanliness, the regulation of saunas and restaurants and the hotel services could be responsible of huge amount of CO2 emissions. For this reason, it’s important to select structures with the eco certification to improve the travel experience and giving priority to the wellness. Consequently, it is the basis of a healthy education with more conscious choices, committed to the cost and energy saving.


Despite the huge motivation, the Travel Manager cannot proceed alone along the path of ecological evolution. To improve the relationship within the team, the communication cannot be avoided. In a situation where trains are the most environmentally friendly choice or that it is important to prefer an electric car to a petrol one, it’s fundamental that the Travel Manager informs the team including data and reflections within the Travel Policy. This improves the image of the organization first to the eyes of the employees themselves. It also matters work out a precise analysis of the reporting of corporate travel that should be shown to the managers, to demonstrate the real benefits of travelling sustainably. Illustrating with datas the reports of CO2 emissions, that changes depending on the choice of the vehicle, is an ace in the hole. In order to provide this set of information, it is necessary to rely on ad hoc IT solutions.



The realization of a sustainable Business Travel Programs includes different themes, areas and choices. In addition to the overall reduction of emissions and to the education about a proper waste disposal, the selections of partners that are in line with a green mission is unavoidable. It is crucial for the credibility of the company’s commitment working with suppliers that believe in the same sustainability ideals or that deal with carbon emissions.

Alma Travel, always an expert in the Business Travel sector, is an ethical and sustainable partner that takes care not only about its business, but also about the well-being of its customers and the environment. For this reason, we offer many IT tools to increase the efficiency of logistics and reporting processes, to reduce travel costs and promote the well-being of employees in order to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible by optimizing travel on the road and beyond. For example, the Alma Travel fleet is made by almost green vehicles. What we provide to companies consists of zero-emission car, which are silent and reliable, and hybrid cars, which are a link between the traditional car and the electric car.