Since 1972 we personsalize business trips around the world

Every business travel is organized to a millimeter.

With our system it is easier than ever


Business Travel has always been our main activity. We do it in the best possible way and in order to ensure travelers to be at ease wherever they are. Companies also have a tailor-made solution that optimizes all the costs.

Reach your saving goals and get the maximum value

We provide our knowledge and advice to implement travel management projects that can optimize processes and costs. With us, your business travel is always built according to the company budget.

A smart booking system

Imagine the possibility of using a locally or globally defined booking system built on your needs. With Alma Travel it is possible!

Our AlmAPP allows you to get quick answers and to request real-time proposals for a successful business trip. You will have a customized tool to manage your travel requests and to track your company’s processes in a single system. You will get our “self booking tool” with smart solutions. In addition, you will help the environment because you will no longer need to print travel documents.

A complete overviw of your employees’ travel expenses

Have you ever thought about getting full access to all your travel data? In our systems we process the information of every business trip to allow you to make a precise analysis, aimed at improving the internal decision-making processes of the company.

And if you pay attention to the environment like us, we provide you with detailed reports on CO2 emissions depending on the vehicle choice.

Eco-friendly and safe travel

Our IT solutions provide all the information that you need for a safe trip, such as tracking and alerts. Furthermore, we integrate your travel policies into our processes to ensure compliance and security. We never leave you alone. During office hours our consultants will manage all the needs of your employees for the entire the trip. When the office closes, a dedicated team will be available for every emergency. With us, you can count on an ethical and sustainable partner who everyday is committed to you and to the environment. For this reason, we offer many ways to increase efficiency, to reduce travel costs and to promote the well-being of your employees, so as to reduce CO2 emissions with the optimization of travel.